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Martha Plimpton


BSV: Are there differences in the way you conduct yourself in public vs. private?

MP: Of course. My private life is not meant for public consumption. And I am much more aware of the need to respect strangers' boundaries, as much as they should respect mine. We all tailor our behavior to the company we are in, for the sake of manners and custom. But I do not lie about who I am or what I believe in to suit anyone, friend or stranger.
BSV: As somebody who has given many interviews, would you answer questions differently if the interviewer was asking you as a friend (off-the-record) vs. publicly for an audience?
MP: When you are in a professional environment, you act accordingly. But if you're friends with someone, yes, you can be more relaxed. It's very important to keep boundaries between your business and personal lives. 

BSV: When you were a child, what did you want to become more than anything else?
MP: It changed every single day, which is why the job I have now is so perfect.

BSV: As a celebrity, do you feel that you can't always be vocal about the things you believe in?
MP: No. My right to speak as a citizen is not undermined by my job. But I try to remember manners and facts are my friends.

BSV: is there any authentic self?
MP: Yes. We begin to understand that once we've passed adolescence and start thinking, truly, for ourselves. Adolescence is misery. 

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Interview Recorded: 2011 | Updated: 2022

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