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Loni Love

Stand Up Comic

BSV: Are there differences in the way you conduct yourself in public vs. private?
LL: Of course. I have things that are my private personal business, it's between me and the Lord.

BSV: If you were to bump into a celebrity who you previously made fun of, what would you do?
LL: Run the other way.
BSV: When you were a child, what did you want to become more than anything else?
LL: I just wanted to get out of the housing projects and cook bacon.

BSV: Do you feel pressure to be a particular way in front of fans or the media?
LL: If money or jail time is not involved, then no.

BSV: Is it okay to make compromises in life?
LL: If money or jail time is involved, then yes.

BSV: As a celebrity, do you feel that you can't always be vocal about the things you believe in?
LL: In this country, you can say anything but know there are repercussions. I don't want to hear my Mom yelling at me so I am aware of what I say about thing. 

BSV: is there any authentic self?
LL: I plead the Fifth Amendment on this question.

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Interview Recorded: 2011 | Updated: 2022

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