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Karen Fowler

Big Brother 1 (2000)

Q: Is there anyone from your season that you still keep in contact with?
A: Yes, Brittany, George and Eddie.

Q: Did you enjoy being on the show? If the opportunity arose again, would you take it?
A: I loved the chance to be on BB but would never do it again. Been there done that.

Q: Were you asked to partake in BB7: All Stars? 
A: No.
Q: Do you still watch Big Brother? If so, who are your favourites?
A: Sometimes. My mother loves the show, so I have to watch it when I'm with her. I think Lydia has to be my favourite [this year.]

Q: What do you think about the changes since you were on the show?
A: The changes are okay but I like that our show wasn't so intense. I don't think I could have handled any more controversy. I really just wanted to be on BB and have fun. Naïve me thought that was what it was supposed to be.

Q: What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear these names?

Will-Mega: Confrontational
Brittany Petros: Fun
Jean Jordan: Strong
George Boswell: Crazy
Cassandra Waldon: Serious
Jamie Kern: Prissy
Curtis Kin: Witty
Josh Souza: Collegiate 
Eddie McGee: Faithful
Julie Chen: Stoic

Q: Are you glad that you had the opportunity to do BB1? What was the media attention like upon your departure from the house?
A: Very glad. The media was a lot nicer than the producers of BB. The media I dealt with was very positive.

Q: Who are some houseguests that you haven't enjoyed over the years?
A: Dick. He stirred up so much trouble.

Q: Could you tell the fans a bit about yourself?
A: I am now a grandmother to 6! I am very blessed! 

Q: What is your best memory of being in the BB1 house?
A: My best memory has to be our BBQs. Britt, Eddie and Curtis made them so much fun! 

Q: What is your worst memory?
A: Thinking Curtis voted for me to be banished. He was always so supportive, and I regret not believing in him. 

Q: What was the hardest part about being on the show?
A: Not being able to talk to my children and wondering if they were okay. We spent so much time together before the show so not seeing or talking to them was very difficult. 

Q: What was your downfall in the game?
A: That I really wasn't playing the game. I just wanted to enjoy the experiment. I really can't imagine me ever making it another month even if I had wanted to win. 
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Interview Recorded: 2010 

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