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Caissie St. Onge

Comedy Writer

Q: Did you have a television when you were a child?
A: Yes. One in the living room. One in my bedroom. (My dad would watch his shows on it while sitting on my bed and I was supposed to be sleeping!)

Q: How many hours a day did you watch television?
A: It varied over the years but probably an average of two hours total throughout my life. 
Q: How many channels were available at the time?A: We only had three or four channels available. Fox became a network when I was a young teenager, so then there were five. I never had cable until I was grown up.

Q: What programs did you watch?
A: I watched old cartoons on the UHF channel after school. I watched a lot of PBS. I watched Carol Burnett. I watched sitcoms. I watched movies on the weekends on the UHF channel. I watched everything my grandmother was watching. Lots of stuff. I had my favorites, but watched a lot of different stuff.

Q: Were there other ways to watch television programs you liked? If so, what were they?
A: Not really any other ways to watch anything at that time. We got a Betamax VCR when those started selling, but you had to rent videos to watch on that and we didn't have a lot of money all the time to do so. When I worked at a drug store in high school, we had rentable movies, so I watched a lot then. Mostly movies, though. 

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Interview Recorded: 2014 | Updated: 2022

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